Father With Dementia Barely Recognizes Himself In Old Video Clip

A Youtuber has filmed the moment he shows his father living with dementia a video of himself from a year ago, but he barely recognizes himself.

Kenneth Keene Jr runs a YouTube page called The Journey with ToughKenaMan documenting his journey with his father Kenneth Sr, 69, who has battled with dementia – a mentally degenerative disease – for years.

The heartbreaking video captures the reaction of the US Army veteran as he sees a video of himself from 11 months ago reuniting with his wife.

In response to seeing himself kissing a woman on the screen, the father Keene Sr looks to his son and asks: ‘That’s my wife, right?’

The clip shows Keene Sr reuniting with his wife of 46 years after some time apart, bringing her two balloons in his hand.

In the clip the wife runs to her husband and he hugs and kisses her and says: ‘You know I love you. I always did and I always will. I’ll never stop loving you. You’re good,’ he says as she weeps in his arms.

Watching that touching moment, Keene Sr double checks with his son that it is indeed his wife.

Keene Jr hopes his channel will shed light on the various stages of Frontotemporal lobe dementia.