Emotional Moment Girl Meets Bone Marrow Donor

This is the tearful moment a 7-year-old who overcame leukemia bursts into floods of tears when meeting the bone marrow donor that saved her life.

The day before Mother’s Day in 2015, Adriana Aviles, then 4, was diagnosed with leukemia, in their hometown of Cleveland, Utah, United States of America.

In celebration of overcoming the deadly disease three years later, the family decided to celebrate this Mother’s Day 2018 by meeting the man who saved their little girl’s life.

Captured in an emotion video, Addy can be seen alongside her twin sister, Mia, embracing 29-year-old Mike Laureano in a teary hug – the beautiful twins refusing to let go of their hero whilst nuzzling their faces into his neck and holding him tightly.