Dumb Thief Has Huge Problems Stealing Gumball Machine From An Animal Shelter

An unidentified man was captured on surveillance snatching a gumball machine from an animal shelter in California. In the video initially shared online by the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, the crook is seen sliding through the lower part of the entrance door with his face covered.

When the man makes it inside, he grabs the giant green candy machine, but starts to struggle when he kicks the door down in attempts to carry the machine outside. The top of the machine falls off, as the crook tilts it sideways and tries to slide back through the bottom of the door, spilling nearly all of the gumballs on the ground.

After he unsuccessfully makes his way back out the door opening, he hops back inside the shelter. While on the ground, the man seems to collect a few quarters that dropped out of the machine during the hilarious heist.

After walking about animal the shelter, the candy crook spots another door, to his surprise, and makes his way outside at last.

The man is ‘barked at by about 50 dogs’, according to the shelter, when he finally makes his way outside. He is seen tossing the gumball machine over a barbed wire fence before exiting the shelter.