Drunk Girl Tries To Order Shots From The DJ Booth

Hilarious footage shows a woman called Meg stepping up to the “bar” to place her order on a night out in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

Shouting to be heard above the deafening club music, the drunk clubber yells: “Four sambucas!” four times. To aid the barman in her quest the lost woman raises four fingers on her hand to show the number of shots she has requested – but gets little response from the DJ.

During the exchange several of Meg’s friends start popping up in the frame, keen to get their shots. Finally, she resorts to revealing her name – Meg – before the DJ sets her right

Poking fun at the lost patron, the DJ does not redirect her immediately but asks: “Have you got any money?” To which she responds: “Four sambucas…my name’s Meg. Meg… four sambucas.”

The drunk clubber repeatedly places her order – not realising she’s in the wrong place. Once the customer realises her mistake she comically slaps the bank card on her forehead – before appearing to relay her misfortune to her friends.