“I Don’t Want To Hear It!”: Cute Toddler Sasses Her Father When He Tries To Get Her To Go To Sleep

This little girl did not wait until she was a teen to sass at her dad. The toddler, Jordan Bryce Lott, who lives in Valdosta, Georgia with her parents, will turn three, but her mother, Brittany, says she often acts like she’s 30.

The amusing video was taken when the girl was one. Brittany wrote on Instagram that Jordan can now “hold a conversation with every adult she comes into contact with.”

“Why are you awake?” the patient but increasingly weary father asks her in the video. “You got school tomorrow.”

On YouTube, Brittany said the father-daughter pair “fight like an old married couple.”

Jordan’s mom bristles at any accusations that her daughter might be just a bit too sassy to adults, saying: “At the age of two, she addresses all adults as ma’am or sir, cleans her room and responds to all compliments with “thank you” or “thank you very much.”

“Before you decide to judge a child. Do us all a favor. DON’T. This child is loved, surrounded by love, and is being raised by the right example,” she wrote.