Dogs Trust Ireland Makes Emotional Plea To Place Its Long-Term Residents With Forever Homes

Whenever possible, it’s always worth adopting a dog rather than shopping for a dog – and kennels like Dogs Trust Ireland do some incredible work housing dogs in need of a forever home.

Their latest campaign, #TheUnderDogs, is looking to house some of their long-term residents – some of whom have stayed with them for over six months. One particular dog, Kyia, has some anxiety issues and needs an owner who has experience and understanding working with animals in that condition.

Another dog, Rex, is described as having “a history of being nervous meeting new people so his family will receive help and support from the Training and Behaviour Team at Dogs Trust to help build his confidence in these situations.” Yet, in all cases, they’re loveable dogs who just need a bit of extra support and affection.

Here’s a short video Dogs Trust Ireland put together for the campaign. Shut up, you’re crying.

For more information about our long-term dogs visit Dogs Trust website.