This Dog Mysteriously Waits For The Same Train Night After Night

Heartbreaking footage shows a stray dog gaze longingly at a train every night as if waiting for a familiar face to emerge. At 11pm the female dog with four puppies stands on Platform 1 at Kanjurmarg Station in Mumbai, India, and stares at a train bound for Kalyan.

She peers into the same women-only carriage every time then, when no one gets off, chases the train as it pulls away.

The confusing ritual, has sparked the theory that she is looking for a previous owner who abandoned her at the station. Some commuters believe her former owner was a lady who could no longer look after her, while others suspect the dog is waiting for a traveller who used to feed her.

The female dog has become such a familiar sight at the station that locals began feeding her and her four puppies.

Mr Thorat told: ‘I spotted the dog while returning from work.

‘The way it waits for the late-night trains and tries to peek inside the ladies coach, it seems it is searching for a particular person who either fed it regularly or left it behind.’

Sourav Verma, who has been feeding the dog, said: ‘We have become friends. It even takes me to its pups.

‘I am looking for people who would adopt them after following proper procedure.’