Dog Groomer REFUSES To Return Pet In Explosive Row Caught On Camera

Incredible footage captures a explosive row between a dog groomer and owner, as the employee refuses to give their dog back.

A heated row broke out between Gareth Egan and Manchester Dog Spa & Day Care, based in Urmston, Trafford, after they allegedly point blank refused to hand over his pet unless he paid.

The firm operates a mobile service, and it’s believed they had picked up Gareth’s dog for a wash and cut at 10am on Friday, but failed to return it.

So, Gareth headed to the firm’s headquarters, but refused to pay them until he saw his dog was safe and well.


He filmed the video on his mobile phone and the conversation has since been shared more than tens of thousands of times on Facebook and had more than 1.3 million views.

Since the argument surfaced on Facebook, Manchester Dog Spa & Care has taken down its page. However, a parody FB page has instead been put up, labelling the company as a ‘prison’ and it has already been flooded with almost 3,000 abusive zero star reviews.

Gareth also posted a picture of his dog after it had been returned, with a bleeding foot where he says it was nipped.