This is why Doctors Advise Parents To Save Their Kids’ Baby Teeth

When a baby loses a tooth, it’s a big milestone to be remembered forever. Many parents still have their child’s first tooth stashed in a jar somewhere for keepsake. Many don’t know however, that it also serves as a lifesaver! It can actually give you access to stem cells.

Dr. Songtao Shi led a study in 2003 with the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. What he discovered was that baby teeth contain very valuable stem cells. From one to a dozen. These can actually be used later in life in order to treat a number of diseases.

Stem cells can be used in the brain, pancreas, heart and other organs to repair damage caused by various diseases and researchers are actively studying this healing process. Turns out there is one type of stem cells that researchers discovered exist inside adult teeth.

But they also found completely different stem cells in the teeth of babies, all the way up to 7-8 year old children.