Doctor Creates Prosthetic Leg For Elephants. 15 Years Later His First Patient Is Still Grateful

Mosha the elephant was only a baby when her life became much more painful and difficult. When she was two years old, she stepped on a land mine near the Thai-Burma border.

She lost most of her front leg. After that, it seemed impossible for her to live a normal life, but a kindhearted doctor in Lampang, Thailand, stepped in and changed all of that for her.

Upon hearing about Mosha’s unfortunate accident, Dr. Therdchai Jivacate, an orthopedic surgeon, wanted to do something to help her. No prosthetics existed at the time for elephants, so Jivacate decided to create one himself.

Now, 15 years later, the grateful elephant makes it perfectly clear how she feels about her amazing doctor.