Diver Gets Headbutted By A Shark As He Swims Underwater

Incredible footage shows the moment a lemon shark charges into a diver as he floats in deep waters in the Bahamas.

Michael Dornellas, 31, was diving and filming underwater with friends on Tiger Beach when he crashed head first into a three-metre lemon shark. The shark broke his mask and smashed it against his face.

Despite heavy bruising to his face, Michael said he felt worse for the shark than he did for himself.
He explained: “That shark is actually blind in its left eye, we found out.

“So she didn’t see me as much as I didn’t see her. She wasn’t trying to bite me or be aggressive. After the collision, she took off – I think I scared her really badly, so I felt bad.”

Michael suggested lemon sharks were very sociable creatures, and would often hit and bump passing humans.