Disinfecting Crew Reveals Cockroach Infested Manhattan Apartment

A building superintendent in Manhattan has captured the disgusting condition and massive cleanup of a hoarder’s cockroach-filled apartment on video.

After a year of eviction proceedings, and endless complaints from neighbors about a smell like a rotting corpse coming from the apartment, the tenant was finally evicted.

Martin Fernandez, who shot the video in New York’s Lower East Side, said it was the most filthy apartment he’d ever dealt with by far.

‘Whatever you’ve seen, you’ve never seen nothing like this,’ Fernandez says in the video.

The video shows the men donning Tyvek protective suits, breathing masks and gloves before unzipping the protective seal. The apartment is filled with rotting garbage, empty bottles, assorted junk, cockroaches swarm across the walls, floor and furniture, and even a dead cat swarms with insects and appears to be in the early stages of decomposition.