The Day Her Baby’s Heart Stopped Beating, Mom Wrote This Powerful, Breathtaking Song.

The loss of a child is indescribable, and no less so for mothers who lose their children in the womb.

The thoughts of what could have been and dreams of what should have been could cripple anyone, but mothers bear the worst of the sorrow.

The day Rachel Garvin found out her baby’s heart had stopped beating, she wrote a song that absolutely wrecked me.

“I wrote this song the day I found out my baby’s heart was no longer beating. After listening to this song over and over as a way of helping myself process and grieve, I decided to share it with the world with the hopes of it doing the same for other women who have been through the same thing. I feel so humbled and thankful for the women who have been able to relate.”

Everyone has a story, no matter how brief their existence in this world.