Daring Skydivers Have Epic Sword Fight

This thrill-seeking troupe staged an epic sword fight in the sky during a milestone skydive, as they plummeted to the ground below – but thankfully it wasn’t a fight to the death.

Celebrating milestones is no unordinary occurrence in the world of skydiving, though these daredevils may well have invented their own tradition when they staged a Styrofoam sword fight above the skies Saskatchewan, Canada.

With 100 jumps usually marked with a pie to the face, and the 1000th celebrated with a bottle of champagne, when three thrill-seekers from Skydive South Sask realised they were all set to be completing their 400th plunge together, they hatched a plan to make it one to remember.

Jumping from the plane arm in arm, Adam Meyer, 30, and his milestone celebrating peers Quinn, Nikki and Derek, all then unsheathed their weapons and commenced in an epic mid-air battle.