Aww Damn, lol: Dad Comes To Pick His Teenage Son Up From School In A Speedo

Justin Beadles picks up from son Jack Beadles from Stillwater Junior High School on the last day of school. Stillwater, OK. Filmed by his mom, Heather Beadles.

Dad runs without hesitation through the crowd of students yelling “Jack!” with his arms flung wide, while the medals around his neck clank. Son’s response is horror, then resignation and eye-rolling as he expected nothing less from his crazy dad.

Surprise pick-up was not done as punishment, but as a joyful expression of a Dad’s love for his son… and of course, as a way to embarass his teenager. Good clean fun. In a Speedo, swim cap, goggles and medals.

What makes it even more awesome is Dad is the senior pastor at Countryside Church in Stillwater, OK.