Dad Catches Son in a Maid Outfit While Streaming On Twitch

A streamer known ass ‘RossNub’ was broadcasting from his bedroom when his Dad walked in on him wearing a full maid’s outfit.

The situation could have gone a very different way, but thankfully his Dad’s only concern was that he was doing it for fun and not being exploited.

Ross was streaming to some of his friends when he heard a knock at the door and the door, but without hesitation, his Dad walked straight in. His first reaction one of a surprise for finding him wearing a black maid’s outfit over the top of some shorts.

After being initially asked if he had to tell him anything, Ross replied like a boss and explained that it was exactly what it looked like, before they both laughed.

The streamer went on to explain that he was streaming on Twitch and receiving donations and although he slightly exaggerated how many people he was streaming for, his Dad’s only concern was that he was doing it for fun and no one was exploiting him.

The following day Ross took to stream again and explained the situation a little further. He explained that he owned the outfit because he lost a SuperBowl bet when the Patriots lost and the loser of the bet had to wear a maid’s outfit. He also advised that unfortunately for any guys who did find him attractive in the dress, he’s not actually gay.