Cute Toddler Jumps On Stage And Steals The Show

This the moment an aspiring 3-year-old star stole the show by jumping on stage and bursting into song and dance – much to the amusement of the actual singer and full-house crowd, who erupted into laughter.

Larger-than-life character Lochlan Bowie was on holiday with his parents – Iain Bowie, 35, and Marianne McKenzie-Bowie, 28 – in Lanzarote, the Canary Islands, when they walked past a bar and heard a singer performing.

Determined Lochlan (known as “Lochie”) insisted on going straight into the bar and made a beeline for the singer, requesting he played his favorite songs.

Lochie could not have looked more at ease with his surroundings, on June 9, placing one hand in his pocket during the performance, which saw him sang at the top of his lungs and dance along to the music.