Curious Octopus Hitches A Ride On Divers’ Leg

One ocean videographer captured a stunning interaction between a diver and an octopus in a scene reminiscent of the famous James Bond film “Octopussy.”

During an underwater filming session in Oahu, Hawaii, diver Jess Grubb, 29, found herself encumbered by an unlikely eight-legged hitchhiker, after a curious octopus attached itself to her side.

Documented by Shane Brown, the 26-year-old videographer spotted an octopus swimming close to Jess, and, hoping to film the pair swimming in tandem, he attempted to encourage the cephalopod towards her.

Sheparding it towards his diving partner’s side, incredibly, the curious octopus latches itself tightly around her hip instead, clinging on for the ride as Jess elegantly dives, spins and turns beneath the stunning azure north shore Hawaiian sea.