Cruel Jogger Throws Homeless Man’s Clothes Into Oakland Lake

A jogger was caught on video completely destroying a homeless person’s encampment on Lake Merritt in Oakland.

The man, who appeared to have stopped in the middle of his run along the lake, rummaged through a homeless man’s things that were on the ground and threw some of it in the water.

Several bystanders in the video can be heard telling the man to stop, but he kept going through the items on the ground.

“Sir, I think you should stop,” one woman says in a video posted online of the incident.

“What are you doing with his stuff, bro?” asks another bystander. The homeless man does not appear to be present at the time.

“I’m not taking any of it,” the jogger replies. “He can pick it up. I’m cleaning up the trash.”

A woman points out that he threw some of the man’s belongings into the lake — the video shows blankets and other items floating in the water — but the jogger claims it was an accident. The woman responds that she watched him drag it over and toss it in.

The jogger, who has not been identified, then hauls some of the homeless man’s belongings to a trash can before bystanders say he put on his headphones and jogged away.