Crocodile Scoops Up Babies Into Mouth, Along With Spy Croc Camera

Spy croc hatchling films a mother croc with her babies closer than ever before and reveals the caring side of a fierce creature.In Uganda, a Nile crocodile comes ashore to gather her babies.
Despite having the most powerful bite in nature, she carefully gathers them in a throat pouch beneath her deadly teeth and shepherds them to the water. An animatronic ‘spy croc’ tags along for the ride.

After they come out of their nest if a baby crocodile is dead the mom will eat it cause she would not even hunt for food, she would not take any chances of any other animal wondering around in her nest for the baby crocodile’s.

If their not dead the mom will carry the baby’s in her mouth to the water and they can swim right away. The young feed on fish and small land animals like lizards, crickets and grasshoppers.