Couple Only Has $17 In Bank, Angry Boyfriend Catches His Girl Getting Nails Done

A man setup his girlfriend in hopes of exposing her for being selfish. He claims she decided to get her nails done even though they only had $17.00 in the bank. So, he went to the WalMart nail shop and put her on blast.

When she saw him, she immediately walked to the back of the nail shop and they began arguing. He accused her of being selfish because she left him at home with nothing to eat.

However, things took a surprising turn when she fired back. She told him she works hard and deserves to get her nails done. But then she revealed something else. Apparently, he’s complaining about her being selfish but brings nothing to the table because he doesn’t have a job.

While he was filming to embarrass her, she turned the tables and blasted him. As he told the nail tech she couldn’t afford to get her nails done, she clapped back by asking the nail tech if they were hiring because her man needs a J.O.B. She also accused him of being the reason why they’re broke because he doesn’t contribute. The video ends with her boyfriend claiming he “caught her.”

Needless to say, the video has sparked a debate – a true battle of the sexes. While some men argue that the woman needs to prioritize, most women insist he has no room to say anything.