Couple Jumps Through Hoops To Get To Their Wedding Reception In This Awesome Video

Many couples have found very inventive and creative ways to show their wedding guests their personalities. They can be quirky and cute and show off a fun dance routine at the reception, or their dance can be a little more traditional (while still showing off some fun moves). But many of these incredible scenes happen live, in front of an audience made up of guests.

Newlyweds Ryan and Katie didn’t want to perform an outlandish scene at their reception, so they took it to the great outdoors and put together an awesome clip with a story: What happens when they miss their limo to their own reception?

The clip follows them on their adventure to get to the location, and along the way, there are a few mishaps. They use many modes of transportation, even jumping into a river to swim across! It really looks like they will stop at nothing to get to the reception.