Country Star Shares Heartbreaking Story Behind Hit Song. This One’s a Tear-Jerker

Reba McEntire released a new song this year titled “Just Like Them Horses,” and in true Reba fashion it is incredible. What truly makes this hit song beautiful is the story behind the lyrics. Reba has been known to write some deep songs that hit close to home for many listeners. However, this song may take the lead as one of her most touching songs of all time. She shared the meaning behind it in a recent interview, and even Reba herself was fighting back tears as she told the story.

Growing up, Reba had an extremely close relationship with her family, especially her father. Constantly being on the road due to her father’s occupation as a World Champion Steer Roper meant a lot of time singing in the car. Spending that kind of time with her father sparked the true “daddy’s girl” within her, and she constantly referred to him as her “biggest supporter” in life. The bond they shared was something so special, and it shows in this new song.

Both Reba and her father had an affinity for horses, which served as a major inspiration for this song. When her father recently passed away, she didn’t know how to handle the loss in any way other than by singing.

I got the idea for the video one day and knew it was going to be the most meaningful heartfelt video I’d ever do. We shot the entire video in Chockie, OK on the McEntire home-place. Those old hills mean a lot to me. I lived there 21 years and they still call me back time after time.

This is a song about goodbye, closure and letting go. Mama had to be in the video. She was and still is the glue to our family. Without a doubt, the ranch wouldn’t be what it is today without her. She was the partner, bookkeeper, #1 hired hand, cook, my best friend and as I said, the glue. So many times things could have gone south but she held us all together.

I dedicate this video to Daddy. His life was horses, cattle, land, rodeo and business. Daddy did a lot of traveling in his life. When he wasn’t rodeoing or buying cattle, he was working hard on the ranch. I took him to Europe and Australia. On one of those trips he said, “If I ever get home, I’m not gonna go past the mail box.”

My favorite line of the song is, ‘Just like them horses, now it’s time to run.’ He did. He ran all the way to heaven. Just like them horses.”

It is clear that Reba holds this song very close to her heart, as she poured herself into the creation of this tribute to her dad. You can watch the touching tribute by clicking on the video below. Be sure to grab a few tissues before you do!