Could Side Mirrors On Trucks As We Know Them, Be a Thing Of The Past?

An innovative company have announced the development of a unique mirror replacement system.

Stoneridge Electronics are hoping the MirrorEye side mirror system will be able to replace the conventional HGV side mirrors stating that the removal of them will make the vehicle more streamlined, achieving better fuel economy and that this advantage alone will pay for the system over time.

The main aim of the system is to out-perform traditional mirrors. Features such as self cleaning functions to eliminate problems with rain and dirt, advanced defrosting system for winter driving, night vision to make manoeuvring at night safer and easier and advanced image handling to minimize glare in direct sunlight are all characteristics included.

By replacing the big wing mirrors with camera displays on the A-Pillars of the vehicles Stoneridge states that it is removing the blind spots created by them, just one of the many safety benefits they claim will help make their product even more desirable.