When You Confront A Drunk Driver For Crashing Into A Highway Divider

A Texas man who hopes to become a federal agent someday could well be on his way to a career in law enforcement after his making his first traffic stop as an ordinary citizen.

DeAndre Lewis, 20, saw an allegedly drunk driver nearly crash twice so he took off after him. He caught up to the motorist and ordered him to stop before the man could get onto a San Antonio highway during rush hour.

Lewis said in an interview Thursday that he was on his way home from class at Northwest Vista College when he spotted the pickup driving all over the road. Lewis started recording after the man hit a ditch on an access road in his Chevy pickup, then turned on his turn signal at least a mile before he needed to turn onto Route 410.

As the Chevy Colorado was about to enter the highway, the vehicle hit a berm on the right and then swerved back to the left across the ramp and came to a stop. That’s when Lewis exited his vehicle and approached the pickup, yelling at the driver to stop. Lewis said he went up to the other vehicle without fear because the driver appeared to be so drunk that Lewis didn’t think the guy would be able to do anything to him.

A resource officer from a local public school was flagged down to help detain the motorist, Lewis said. A San Antonio police spokeswoman identified the suspect as Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas, 61, and said he has been charged with driving while intoxicated.