Watch This Comedian Explain How Kanye West Lyrics Ruined His Relationship

Kanye West: maker of songs, fashion designs, and Twitter beefs. And destroyer of relationships.

“Have you gotten in trouble with your girl over something Kanye West said in a song once?” Comedian Ronny Chieng asked the crowd at the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala in Melbourne, Australia. “Has it ever happened to you? Because it happened to me.”

Chieng’s bit about how West’s lyrics contributed to the destruction of his relationship shows that the influence of Yeezus stops at no international boundary. And neither does Chieng: the Chinese comic was born in Malaysia but grew up in the U.S. and Singapore, and now lives in Australia.

Chieng’s description of West’s “Bound 2” music video is both succinct and brilliant: “It has Kim Kardashian in it, she’s on a motorcycle. It’s really tacky. On purpose. Because he’s a genius.”