Clueless Dad Comes Back From Groomer With a Different Dog

A Miami dad stepped into his local PetSmart in order to pick up their nearly 10-year-old Toy Maltese, Nieves, following a grooming appointment. Everything was going well. The father always picks Nieves up after his appointment, and this time was no different. But when he got home, his 22-year-old son, Alex, noticed that something was a little off about Nieves.

Mainly, that it wasn’t Nieves at all. Apparently, there were two white, Toy Maltese dogs waiting to be picked up at the store, and the dad had accidentally scooped up the wrong one.

Alex put up a tweet recounting the incident on his account, and it immediately went viral. People cannot stop laughing at this case of mistaken identity.

While they tried to rectify the mistake before mom got home, they eventually told her and she found it hilarious as well.