Clever Short Film Details The Silliest And Most Inconsequential Reasons People Break Up

Sometimes the person you love is perfect except for one little, tiny, unavoidable, totally obnoxious thing.

Director Lacey Leavitt and writer Robert O’Twomney teamed up to film The Costanza Breakups, three short vignettes based on responses to an Ask Reddit thread about reasons people have ended relationships that most resembled the famously picky Seinfeld character George Costanza.

If a short film about an internet post about a sitcom sounds like some sort of cultural ouroboros where the snake eats itself and somehow poops out a different, better snake well…

it is. I’m as surprised as anyone that it’s good!

The gripes range from a woman who stuffs her fingers in her boyfriend’s mouth when he yawns, to a slow-walker, and a guy who makes horrible noises when he eats.