Chinook Performs Incredible Two-Wheel Mountainside Landing To Rescue Climber

A Chinook helicopter landed with just two wheels on the mountainside to pick up a climber and six rescuers in Oregon, USA.

Dramatic footage shows the moment the helicopter sat with its rear end on the snowy summit of Mount Hood as the climber was taken on board.

They were flown back down to safety and the injured climber was taken to hospital.

Officials said the man was thinking about taking a medicinal overdose on the mountain when he called for help.

When a team of climbers did arrive at the 11,250-foot summit, they could not climb back down by themselves.

A Black Hawk helicopter that initially arrived at the scene to help was not able to reach the summit, so the Chinook was called in. Instead of lowering down a rope to hoist the climber and rescuers up, the Chinook did a two-wheel landing and lowered a ramp to get all seven people on board.