China Goes Nuts Over ‘Karma Is a Bitch Challenge’

Who doesn’t love a good from-beast-to-beauty, ugly duckling transformation moment? A few years ago, we had the “Don’t Judge Me” challenge, a video fad in which people transitioned from an intentionally unattractive version of themselves to a more natural or dolled-up look. And now we have the delightful “Karma is a bitch” meme, thanks to the creative netizens of China.

Like the “Don’t Judge Me” challenge from before, the “Karma is a bitch” meme shows a dramatic transformation of its participants. Unlike the challenge from before, the “Karma is a bitch” meme has people lip-syncing the line “Karma is a bitch,” uttered by the character Veronica in the CW show “Riverdale,” while the song “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn plays in the background.