Cheeky Penguin Tries To Steal Camera

These camera-shy penguins had seemingly had enough of their photos being taken, so they attempted to steal a number of recording devices, likely mistaking them for large pebbles.

Filmmaker Anthony Powell is no stranger to the unpredictable nature of working in Antarctica, but he was left incredibly amused after looking back at the footage captured on a number of GoPro cameras he’d scattered beside a penguin colony.

Finding that many of the cameras had been moved or knocked over, the Kiwi – who’s spent the last 10 years filming in the white dessert – was eager to unravel the mystery of their movement.

Downloading the footage to see a series of penguins hilariously pecking at the lens and attempting to physically pick the camera up, Anthony said he suddenly realised “what it felt like to be a krill,” the main small fish of a penguins’ diet.