Check Out The New Friends Episode: ‘The One Where Chandler Dies’

It seems like Friends finished a lifetime ago – and it kinda almost did – but thanks to the endless reruns on television it seems like future generations will always be entertained by the stupid antics of Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe and Joey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the much sought after reunion show/movie will ever actually happen though.

However, we’ve got the next best thing with this YouTube video made by a guy called Dogfood. For some reason, he’s decided to re-imagine the ending of Friends in a completely bizarre fashion, with Chandler being run over by an ice cream truck and then coming back to haunt the gang.

It’s made up of cuts from very single Friends episode and must have taken this guy some serious effort to make.

It actually turns out to be quite a poignant reminder of why the majority of the world loves the show so much: