CCTV Catches Moment Lucky Driver Flies Out Of Window During Crash

This is the incredible moment a driver cheats death when he is thrown through the window of his overturning car and manages to jump to his feet.

The spectacular accident was caught on CCTV cameras in the city of Kolomyia in north-western Ukraine’s Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast region.

The man was approaching a crossroads in his Fiat Doblo when a silver Mercedes suddenly shot from the road to his left and rammed into the side of his vehicle.

The Fiat smashed into the Mazda and overturned as the driver shot through a side window, landing on the road and leaping to his feet.

The fortunate Fiat driver, along with two adults and two children who were in the Mercedes, and a woman and child who were in the Mazda, were taken to hospital to be checked over. Remarkably none of them needed to stay overnight and they were later all allowed to go home.