Bugs Are Recipe For Success For French Pasta Maker

An artisanal pasta maker in northeastern France is struggling to meet demand after adding a protein-rich ingredient to the noodles: insects.

“The name of the ingredient may be a turnoff, but it’s really delicious, especially with game meat,” smiles Alain Limon as he spreads cricket-flavored fusilli on a drying rack.

Limon, 52, is the only employee at the Atelier a Pates (Pasta Workshop) in Thiefosse, northeastern France.

His boss Stephanie Richard began her homemade pasta business in 2012, and is now hiring again thanks to the success of her latest creations made from insect flour.

“The insect is the protein of the future,” Richard says.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) noted in 2013 the “huge potential” of insects as a nutritional source.

At a little over 6 euros ($6.60) for a 250 gram package, insect flour pastas are more expensive than standard kinds, but Richard notes that they can replace meat for vegetarians.