Brothers Who Spent Years In Foster Care Were Adopted By Two Neighboring Families

After having two biological daughters, the Washington family decided that they wanted to adopt. But they didn’t just choose to adopt one child. Instead, they added three brothers to the mix. They never could have known what would happen next.

The three boys, Michael (6), Jess (5), and Camden (4) were thrilled to find a forever home with the Washingtons after spending years in foster care.

Their case worker told the parents that they had another brother, Elijah, who was just 17 months old.

Washington knew that with five kids already and extra time spent with Jess’s cerebral palsy she couldn’t take on a baby, so she called her friend Jay Houston.

Houston, herself an adoptee, didn’t think about her house at first. But after considering it, she decided she wanted to do all she could to keep the family together. Elijah joined her family, becoming her fourth adopted child in a family with six kids.

Now the boys live just minutes from one another and are growing up as brothers.

Check out their incredibly heartwarming story in this clip from Good Morning America.