Bride Refuses To Kiss Groom On Their Wedding Day!

A bride refused to kiss her groom on her wedding day in one of the most surreal scenes ever seen at a wedding.

The shockingly and embarrassing incident for the Ghanaian groom unfolded at a wedding recently after the pastor announced ‘You may now kiss the bride”. After exchanging marital vows in the presence of family, friends and invited guests, the officiating pastor did the expected by asking the groom to kiss his bride. We all know the question on everybody’s lips at a wedding is when does the groom kiss the bride? But what happened next is shocking.

The bride then angrily refused to seal her marriage at the altar with a kiss from the groom. The lady who was visibly angry throughout the wedding -turned away her face when the man made a move to kiss her ahead of their marriage pronouncement. Not only did she remove her face but also pushed him away from her while still in an angry mood.

The whole church bursted into laughter at the wedding which took place in Ghana including the husband to be who smiled sheepishly to cover the embarrassment. The lady is currently trending online now as people are trying to fathom what will make a lady do that to her man on such a special day.