Breastfeeding Argument At Dentist

A breastfeeding mum has furiously claimed she was left ‘humiliated’ after reportedly being asked to cover up while feeding her daughter at a dentist’s office.

Mum-of-four Suzie Ramirez says staff at the practice asked her to cover herself up when feeding four-month-old Dianerys Oliva because teenage boys were sat in the waiting room at the time.

She claims she was handed a blanket to cover herself and told she could move to another room, which Suzie believes was an attempt to stop her breastfeeding in the office.

In a video taken by Suzie during the incident, a member of staff appears to suggest she was making the teenage boys feel awkward.

The woman then says ‘perhaps next time you’ll be more comfortable in there’, referring to another room, while 24-year-old Suzie protests at being handed a blanket.