Brazen Iguana Steals Lunch From Schoolboy, As He Relaxes By The Pool With His Family

This is the hilarious moment a British schoolboy was mugged of his lunch on holiday – when a hungry iguana snatched his burger.

Nine-year-old Max Mannion was relaxing with his family on a beach in Akumal, Mexico when the 2ft-long critter leaped onto his sunbed and grabbed the snack. The brazen lizard then sprinted away across the sand with the burger bun in its jaws

In the video, the cheeky reptile can be spotted dashing off to enjoy its free lunch. Max’s mother Lindsey, 43, filmed the bizarre incident while the family were on holiday in the Riviera Maya resort.

She explained that there were plenty of the reptiles about: ‘There was signs everywhere saying ‘do not feed the animals’ because it destroys the ecosystem, but they just nick the food.

She added that her son adores eating, but was left defenseless when the hungry iguana appeared.