Boy Creeps Up to Steer On a Dare He Never Should Have Taken!

A small child was caught on camera being thrown from a cow after his father encouraged him to do it for money.

The father explains the situation to set the scene, saying: ‘he’s trying to sneak up on that steer over there and jump on its back, I told him I’d give him $20.’ But even his little sister appears to have more sense than the men of the family, pointing out ‘that’s not safe.’

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Scott Clark, from Valdosta, Georgia, with the message: ‘You have to watch this!! Asher snuck up on a 1300# [lb] steer and jumped on his back!!!

‘I only wish I had videod the last 3 seconds, he hung on for a few more seconds!! Just so everyone knows, this is his pet steer he hand feeds every day. And Asher is perfectly fine…. And he’s says he a tough ole cowboy!!’

Mr Clark later edited the post, adding: ‘Just so everyone knows, I didn’t actually think he would be able to sneak up on him, and if he did I didn’t think he would jump on him!