Bouncer Wears GoPro On New Year’s Eve, Shows What a Nightmare We Are

Ever been denied entry or kicked out of a club by a bouncer and wondered, “what the fuck’s his problem?”

Well, his problem is he has to deal with next level, aggressive drunk bullshit all night and he’s probably pretty fed up, with very little patience for the fact you apparently “know the promoter”.

Sure, there are some asshole bouncers out there who just want to embrace the power trip that being in charge of a door provides them with, but there are also a lot of good guys just trying to do their jobs.

Like this guy. One Canadian bouncer uploaded GoPro footage from his night minding the door of a club on New Year’s Eve – the footage is from NYE 2014 but has only just been uploaded to YouTube.

It’s amazing how incredibly calm he is dealing with angry, drunk people.