Blind Dog Rescued In Santa Cruz Mountains After A Week Missing

If you’ve ever had a pet go missing, you know that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. Thinking about your best friend out in the cold is heartbreaking enough, but for the Cole family of San Lorenzo Valley, California, that sadness was compounded by the fact that their missing pup was elderly and blind.

Sage the 12-year-old yellow lab had gone missing on February 24 and after days and days with no luck, they had all but given up hope. They searched high and low for the pooch but she was nowhere to be found.

But then something caught neighbor Dan Estrada’s eye a week later. As he was walking around in a wooded area not far from his and the Cole’s homes, he noticed what he thought was a white trash bag thrown into the stream. When he took a closer look, however, he noticed a familiar face. It was Sage!