Bizarre Video Tutorial Demonstrates How To “Cook With Your Mouth”

A woman has stunned internet users after showing a recipe of how to make stuffing – using her mouth. The presenter, who calls herself Riva Godfrey, tells viewers that they can ‘dice’ ingredients for their stuffing by chewing carrots, onions, garlic, celery, parsley and bread before spitting into a mixing bowl.

She then gnaws on the side of a lemon to add zest and swishes an egg yolk around in her mouth and spits it into the bowl as way to bind the mixture. Finally, she chews up some peppercorns and salt and ‘warms’ some butter in her mouth before mixing it all and stuffing the turkey.

The bizarre video is punctuated with hilarious comments from Ms Godfrey, such as revealing how much she loves cooking with onions as tears stream down her face.

In another point, while chewing the garlic, she says: “Be aware that the garlic is very, very hard to handle and it really burns your mouth but it is incredibly good for you, so stay with it and the stuffing will taste better for it,” while adding that her tongue is burning.

Much to the relief of those who mistook the video for a kitchen how-to, it was actually filmed in the name of art. The video was created and posted by London-based artist Nathan Ceddia on his YouTube channel.

Ms Godfrey’s real name is Iska Lupton and the video was created by Australian filmmaker Nathan Ceddia. His inspiration was avoiding cooking-related injuries by using the mouth as an ‘all-in-one utensil’, and said he was keen to ‘start a movement’.