Bizarre Moment BBC Presenter Lets A Jungle Grub Crawl Inside His Blocked Ear To Eat His Earwax

In this bizarre video a BBC presenter lets a leader of the remote tribe in New Guinea place a grub into his ear so it can clean out his earwax.

Will Millard, filming his documentary series My Year With the Tribe, spent a year delving into the culture of the treehouse-dwelling Korowai tribe.

They were discovered living in the jungle just 40 years ago and have adapted to the modern world, but they still retain some of their bizarre rituals.

In the video, tribesman leader Marcus places the grub into the presenter’s ear with the promise it will clean them out.

Millard doubles over once the grub is in his ear, looking uncomfortable and after a while, obviously in pain. The bug stays in his ear for around fifteen seconds.