Bizarre Feathery Critter Spotted In Brazil Leaves Internet Users Stumped

A video posted on Facebook shows the odd, feathery invertebrate crawling along a wall as a group of people marvel at its strange appearance.

As the furry creature makes its way across the wall, one of the spectators can’t resist stroking the insect, which appears to wag its small tail in response.

The video was an immediate hit, attracting hundreds of ‘likes’ and shares on Facebook.

Most people had not heard of the creature, although they weren’t short of ideas, with suggestions coming in thick and fast. But it didn’t take long before someone was able to give a name to the furry face.

The creature is in fact a Megalopyge Opercularis, a type of caterpillar. Despite its furry appearance, it is anything but cuddly and its hairs actually conceal venomous spines.

Contact with the spines leads to immediate skin irritation characterised by a rash and severe pain which can spread across the body. In fact, the pain is so intense that it has been even described by patients as similar to a broken bone.

Other symptoms include burning, nausea, difficulty breathing, numbness and chest pain.