Bike Cop Launches 60-Foot Nitro Circus Mega Ramp On Patrol Bike

We’ve seen cops jump on BMXs and skateboards to show up trespassing street shredders before, but when a local bike cop rocked up at Nitro World Games practice, we never expected this…

But this is southern California, where even the guy bagging your groceries once won an X Games bronze, and the local Deputy Sheriff is none other than BMX race legend Robbie Miranda.

Even with his race pedigree, there are a few factors which still make this crazy – Robbie was crazy fast, but it’s a while since he was racing, he’s a dad and a cop nowadays. Two, that ramp is bloomin massive, and he goes for the big kicker! And C, that bike is ridiculous!

A horrible looking hybrid, with flimsy suspension and every accessory under the sun!