Bento Watch – The Japanese Watch That Carries Your Miniature Meal

Smart watches are now more popular than Swiss watches, but nonetheless sales of the Apple Watch haven’t quite met expectations. Having text messages at your wrist is great and all, but perhaps what the wearable tech of today is missing is snacks?

Thankfully, as Kotaku reports, a Japanese agriculture company dreamt up a new invention to fill that niche: The Bento Watch comes loaded with a diminutive chef-prepared meal, complete with microscopic vegetables chopped with precision by a plastic surgeon.

The watch appears to have been created by a master craftsman, but one has to wonder how the rice grains might interfere with the timepiece’s inner workings. At any rate, the Bento Watch — which includes a pair of very James Bond-esque pop-out chopsticks — could be the on-the-go meal solution busy Japanese businessmen never knew they needed. Too bad it’s not real.