Beer Cooler Steak – Easy & Cheap Sous-Vide Hack For The Perfect Steak

Christian Winkler from Cook With Is back with another wonderful recipe, and a trick that will make your life easier in the kitchen.

Preparation for a Beer Cooler DIY Sous Vide Hack Steak:

Place the Steak into a ziplock bag, add some butter and almost close the bag. Put a straw into the bag, suck out the air and close the “vacuum sealed” bag.

Fill warm water into a beer cooler and add hot water until you reach a water temperature of 54°C / . Important: Go for + 5°C / of your desired cooking temp – the cooler will loose temperature!

“Cook” the Steak for 50 min. sous vide, dab dry the and season with salt. Sear from in a screaming hot pan for 50 seconds from each side, season with pepper and enjoy!