A Bear Locked Itself Into A Car And No One Is Quite Sure How It Did It

As they’ll tell you themselves, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado is well used to wildlife related incidents – but even this was a first for them.

two of their deputies received a call about a bear that had somehow managed to get itself locked in a car. So they went to the person’s house to investigate.

The officers think he had been in there for quite a while as there was a lot of moisture on the windows of the Subaru but what they couldn’t figure out is how it had gotten in there in the first place.

“No windows were broken. The door handles weren’t the kind you lift up. And yet somehow this medium-sized bear managed to open a door, crawl inside and close the door behind him.”

But the more pressing issue was how to let it out – the doors wouldn’t easily open as the distressed bear had done a number on the interior, destroying the panels.