Be Mesmerized By This Perfect Pet Owner Making Homemade Sushi For His Adorable Cats

Youtube user Jun has taken his skills to a new level by preparing some delicious sushi. But this meal isn’t for him — it’s for his beloved cats.

His preparation is a combination of magic and chemistry, meticulousness and dedication. Watch him mince fish and chicken into a fine paste using his extra sharp knife, make his own broth using some kind of bubbling cauldron contraption, slice the veggies with hair-splitting precision, steam and mold the meat into perfect little buns, and assemble everything into restaurant-grade sushi. For his two cats.

One of the two cats — which by the way are extremely adorable — can even identify the real stuff from the fake from behind a piece of paper. I guess now they’ll demand hand-rolled sashimi for every meal.

These cats probably eat better than we do. And now we want sushi.