Baby Rescued By Police Turns Out To Be A Doll

An officer broke a car window last month to rescue what looked a heck of a lot like a baby, after someone called 9-1-1 to report an infant left inside the vehicle, which was parked at a shopping plaza on a hot July day.

He looked inside and saw the car seat, covered with a light blanket with little feet clad in non-soled shoes peeping out, and a bottle of milk. So he shattered the window with his baton, and found what appeared to be a lifeless baby. But once he breathed into the baby’s mouth, he realized something was wrong.

The doll is a type that’s made to look exactly like a baby, and is valued at more than $2,000. It’s owned by a woman who has about 40 others, who began collecting the dolls as a way to cope with the death of her son.

Though she’s upset with the damage to her car (which the police department has offered to pay for), the officer said he had no choice but to act.